Sustainable Christmas gift guide

Be thoughtful and kind this year, to the planet and those you love with our sustainable Christmas gift guide.

Sustainable Christmas gift guide gifts for home

It’s a week to Christmas and you’re on the high street, determined to buy something, anything you can give to the 5 most precious people in your life.

Have you been there? I definitely have!

And you feel it at the time. There’s that sinking feeling of giving a gift that’s not quite right, but will have to do. Compare this to the feeling of giving a thoughtful gift, carefully chosen that also has a sustainable story to boot!

So let’s make 2021 the year of thoughtful gifts. My secret?

Start early.

That’s it. Just plant a seed in your mind now about what you might like to give this Christmas (if you want to), and watch it grow in the next month into a glittering tree laden with sparkling, and personal, gift ideas.

And, best of all, you’ve come to a great place to start.

I’ve written this sustainable Christmas gift guide to make a starting point for your inspiration. Look below and you’ll find ideas for eco-friendly gifts for the home, sustainable beauty, gifts for self care, bath time gifts and stocking fillers. Scroll to the bottom to look inside our Christmas gift boxes.

Everything you find in this guide is eco-friendly and ethically made with a tree planted for every order.

Gifts for the home

Low waste gifts for the friend or family member whose home you love to visit – maybe they’re even hosting you for Christmas this year!

Sustainable Christmas gift guide gifts for the home
(Clockwise from top left) Lined notebooks in green and red, £12.98 each, VENT; Olive wood soap dish, £9, Ecoliving; Orange patchouli soap bar, £5.50, Authentic House; Sweet orange washing up bar, £6.80, Authentic House; Biodegradable kitchen sponges, £3.99, Zero Waste Club; Winter berries & cinnamon coconut and soy candle, £12, Authentic House

Best sustainable beauty gifts

Natural and handmade skincare products for a radiant face and cared for body, no matter what weather January might bring!

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide Best Sustainable Beauty Gifts

(Clockwise from top left) Balance and Calm clay mask pouches, £4.50 each, Wheesht; Lime & mandarin moisturiser bar, £11, Authentic House; Coffee & mango eye balm, £3.95, SoldeLunaCrafts; Rose & lavender hydrating toner, £5.95, Flawless; Wildflower radiance mask, £11, Mila’s Apothecary; Lemon & geranium and bergamot & cedarwood facial moisturiser creams, £12.90 each, Authentic House; Perfect rose face balm, £24, Scence; Sweet dreams whipped body butter, £6.50, Afro Deity; Rhassoul deep cleansing oil, £6.80, Mei Botanic Studio; Lip balm, £4.95, Salix Moon; Aloe & lavender micellar water, £4.95, Flawless; Floral organic makeup pads, £8, Authentic House

Gifts for self care

These gifts work as easily standalone or together. Each can be part of a self care ritual, whether that’s misting your pillow with lavender before bed, enjoying honey scents in the shower or watching seeds grow on the windowsill.

Sustainable Christmas gift guide gifts for self care

(Clockwise from top left) Moisturising body balm, £12.50, Dimple House; Mexico ‘cocoon’ balm lipstick, £18.75, Zao; Honeyed soap bar, £5.50, Authentic House; Pillow potion scented room mist, £15, Salix Moon; Fragrant berry hand balm, £12, Scence; Grow your own chamomile starter pack, £4, New Leaf Nurseries; Cashmere comb, £6.50, Clothes Doctor

Stocking fillers

Our stocking filler selection is colourful, fun and where the joy is in the discovery. These work well in a gift box, stocking or pillowcase for the person who still appreciates childhood traditions.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide Stocking Fillers

(Clockwise from top left) Sketchbook, £9.98, VENT; Aloe vera refillable mascara, £20.75, Zao; Nail polish, £11.50 each, Zao; Red & berried tinted lip balm, £6, Bloomtown; Pink clay soap and Charcoal, lime & ginger soap, £5.50 each, Authentic House; Sunshine trinket dish, £4.50, Beci Callow; Mylk & pink Himalayan salt and Dark & raspberry organic vegan chocolate, £2.99 each, Raw Halo

Bath time gifts

Steaming hot baths are one of the pleasures of midwinter. These bath and body gifts will help make them extra special.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide Bath Time Gifts

(Clockwise from top left) Sweet orange & lavender bath bomb and heart bath bomb, £7.60 for both, Authentic House; Citrus & ylang ylang shampoo bar, £6.50, Authentic House; Salt foot scrub bars, £6, Bain & Savon; Jasmine & honeysuckle tealights, £7.50, Authentic House; Cacao organic body scrub melt, £4.90, Wildtree Skincare; Geranium & pink clay soap and Winter spice soap, £5.50 each, Authentic House.

Christmas gift boxes

These are eco-friendly gift selections with a helping hand. Choose your box and customise it with the scents, designs and flavours to suit your gift. All our orders arrive like this, wrapped with tissue paper, so you can use some of the inspiration above to create your own gift boxes from scratch too.

Eco Stocking Fillers Box Authentic House  Eco hamper box Authentic House  Peaceful Night Box Authentic House  Green beauty box Authentic House  Eco advent calendar 2021

(Clockwise from top left) Eco stocking fillers box, £24; Eco hamper box, £29; Peaceful night box, £35.50; Green beauty box, £54, Eco advent calendar 2021, £125 (available to reserve before 25th November)

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