Menstrual cup

AllMatters reusable menstrual cup
AllMatters reusable menstrual cup
AllMatters reusable menstrual cup
AllMatters reusable menstrual cup
AllMatters reusable menstrual cup
AllMatters reusable menstrual cup

Menstrual cup

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A menstrual cup can be one of the best plastic-free swaps you ever make. A period cup will save you money and waste, and make your time of the month even simpler.

These award-winning period cups come in 3 sizes:

Mini - for teens or people who need a smaller size

- for when you haven't given birth vaginally

B - for when you have given birth vaginally

Each cup is made of soft, medical-grade silicone and designed to last you for years.

How to use a menstrual cup

How to insert a menstrual cup

1 - Fold and insert

Your cup will unfold to create a light seal. You'll get the hang of this after a few practices.

2 -Wear for up to 12h

You won't feel the cup when placed right, so you can get on with your day or night worry free.

3 - Empty and rinse

It's super easy. Boil your cup for 10 minutes at the start and end of your period.


AllMatters menstrual cups are certified allergen free and vegan. Each is made in Germany and comes with an organic cotton storage pouch.

Using a period cup FAQs

How do I clean my cup in a public bathroom?

As you can keep your cup in for 12 hours, you might not need to change it when you're outside. If you're away or on heavy flow days, you can either bring a bottle of water to rinse your cup, or wipe it with toilet paper and rinse it when you're home.

Will my cup leak?

Your cup won't leak if you've inserted it correctly and it's not full. For extra peace of mind, some people like to pair a cup with a reusable pad or period pants on heavy flow days.

Can I use a period cup with an IUD?

It's worth checking with your gynaecologist and waiting for 2 period cycles after you've had your IUD fitted. When using an IUD with a cup, it's important to release the suction seal before removing - you'll probably do this anyway by squeezing the base of the cup to remove it.

What if I don't like my cup?

AllMatters offers a satisfaction guarantee. Make sure to try your cup for 3 periods (min. 90 days). If you still don't like it, we can arrange a different size or a refund.

For more tips on choosing the right sustainable period product for you, make sure to read our guide 3 reusable period products for an eco-friendly period.

Size guide

Mini / A / B

Diameter: 37mm / 41 mm / 44mm
Total cup length: 58mm / 70 mm / 72 mm
Stem length: 18mm / 20mm / 18mm
Capacity: 19ml / 27ml / 33ml


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