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Earn HP

Whenever you shop with us, you'll earn House Points. You can also get HP for things like being being our friend on Instagram and sharing our small business with the people you care about.

Place an order 100 HP per Β£1 spent
Sign up 100 HP
Leave a review 500 HP
Follow us on Instagram 200 HP
Like us on Facebook 50HP
Have a birthday πŸŽ‚ 500 HP

Swap House Points for prizes

Affirmation toothbrush
3,000 points
Affirmation toothbrush
Confetti ring dish
4,500 points
Confetti ring dish
Authentic House lucky dip
10,000 points
Β£10 lucky dip
Lavender & Heliotrope Coconut Rapeseed Candle
12,000 points
Lavender & heliotrope candle
Soap Subscription Box
21,000 points
Soap subscription box
Think Again Facial Serum
22,000 points
Think Again Facial Serum
Natural Bath Gift Set
29,900 points
Natural Bath Gift Set

Going for gold

Journey from green, through sage, to gold. Being in the AH Club is easy and free. On your way you'll build up rewards for all your sustainable choices, such as free shipping and first access to test out new products.

Green Sage Gold
House points 0-10K 10K-20K 20K+
HP earned per Β£1 spent 100 150 200
Access to special promotions Green star Sage star Gold star
First access to new products Sage star Gold star
First access to product testing Sage star Gold star
Free shipping forever Gold star

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