Grow your own cucamelon kit

Grow your own cucamelon kit

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These grow your own kits contain everything you need to start off 4 seedling varieties on your windowsill, all plastic free.


If you've never heard of cucamelons before, definitely look it up. The cucamelon is also known as the 'mouse melon' or the 'Mexican miniature watermelon'. It's a vine plant that can be grown in or outdoors in a sunny spot and has little fruit that look like watermelons, but taste like sour cucumbers.

Each grow your own kit contains 3 jiffy 7C pellets, a coir pot and instructions on how to start. When you soak the pellets in water, they'll expand for you to grow your initial seedlings on them.

When the seedlings are grown, you can transfer them to a small plant pot or even a tin to keep on a sunny windowsill or put on your patio. The chamomile and indoor tomato can be kept in the smallest pots. You can expect the cucamelon or loofah to grow. I kept a cucamelon plant on my windowsill last year and it climbed right to the ceiling.

Each growing kit is assembled by hand and hand-stamped by Paul who runs a nursery garden in North Wales.

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