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Washing up soap bar

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Our washing up soap bar is a multi-use product for cleaning dishes, surfaces and even laundry stains. It's hard-wearing and will last 1-2 months with everyday kitchen use.

Washing up soap bars make a good alternative to washing up liquid in plastic bottles and are very gentle.

How to use a washing up soap bar

To wash dishes, rub a wet sponge into your bar until it starts to foam. Wash your dishes as usual, and rub more soap onto your sponge as needed.

To make a liquid soap, try cutting a little of your bar off and melting it in hot water. You can experiment to get the consistency you like.

This bar can also double as laundry soap. For any grease stains, rub the bar against wet fabric, wash and repeat as necessary. This can be really helpful to stop new stains setting.

For harder stains, try soaking the area in natural bleach and rubbing it with your soap bar after 4 hours for extra help. You can then machine wash the clothing at the highest temperature the label allows. I've shared a video of the process here.

Each washing up soap bar weighs 130g and is handmade with love in the UK. If you'd like to try our scents, we have lemon and sweet orange.


Sodium Cocoate, Citric Acid, Sodium Carbonate.

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