Refillable ballpoint pen and refills
Best refillable ballpoint pen for writing
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Wheaten beige refillable pen
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Refillable ballpoint pen and refills

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Our refillable ballpoint pen is designed with sustainability and circularity in mind. It's made of 80% natural grass and 20% recycled, BPA-free plastic. Take care of yours and it could be the only pen you need.

This is the best refillable pen for writing I've found. Each is lightweight and comfortable in your hand with an ergonomic, triangular grip so you can write easily.

Choose from dark brown or wheat beige refillable ballpoint pens. When you look closely, you'll see a speckled detail across each pen from the grass blades, giving a natural texture. Moreover, this pen's eco-friendly and refillable design means you can take pride in knowing you're reducing your impact on the environment.

Our pens come with a blue soy ink cartridge and you can later choose to refill them with black and blue refills.

A Good Company makes their refillable ballpoint pens in a sustainable factory in Taiwan, powered by biogas and waste heat. For every pen made, they donate 100 litres of safe water via charity: water.

You can recycle this pen if needed in your plastic recycling. BIC also runs a Terracycle free stationery recycling programme in the UK.

Refillable ballpoint pen details

  • Length: 15cm
  • Weight: 9g
  • Packaging: None
  • Ink: Blue

Ink refill details:

  • Refill cartridges: Set of 3
  • Length: 188mm
  • Ink: Black or blue

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