Daniel and Alice Authentic House

About us

Hello and welcome to Authentic House! This small business is a labour of love between me (Alice) and my partner Daniel from our home in Cardiff, Wales.

We started back in 2018 with an idea to explore what making sustainable changes meant. We chose to focus on everyday eco swaps because they're accessible, better than plastic and a daily reminder that lasting change comes about in very small steps.

Our Story

Authentic House cake

Our values

Running Authentic House is our way of making a positive change in the world, and we hope it'll be a way for you too! Here are the values that matter most to us:

We specialise in plastic free or minimal products. This means easily recyclable materials, home compostable packaging and plastic only where there's no good alternative. We send reused filling in our parcels and go for recycled paper and cardboard where we can.

Our sustainable skincare is refillable and we use upcycled ingredients where we can to divert waste from landfill.

Donating money to help repair damage to our environment is part of our business model. We started by planting 4,383 trees with our orders. In 2022, we became 1% For The Planet certified, meaning we donate 1% of our total sales every year to environmental nonprofits.

Going back to our name (thanks mum!) we'll always be honest about where we are in our own sustainable journey. For us, it's as much about healing and becoming a more compassionate person as protecting the planet. I share my thoughts and finds on this in my weekly emails (scroll below to sign up).

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