About us

Our story

I began Authentic House in 2018 after a year of exploring what it might mean to live a more purposeful life. During this time I'd been travelling and having conversations with people who inspired me and who wanted to create some kind of positive change in the world.

I realised the change I wanted to make was to help more people live in an eco-friendly way at home. That's where the 'authentic' in Authentic House comes from - it means you're living in a way that's authentic to your values.

We're all imperfect, even if we're doing what we can to protect the planet. It's not easy either. I feel like Authentic House has tracked my journey learning how to be a more eco-conscious kind of person, and I love curating our range to help you on that path too.

Since 2020, Authentic House is run by me and my partner Daniel in Cardiff with help from my family and our trusted makers. Read below to see how we're using our small business to make a good difference in the world.

Alice x

Plastic free

All the products you'll find in our shop or boxes are plastic free or minimal. We source recycled and easily recyclable packaging for our products, and only stock products from suppliers who do this too.

Supporting small

We support small, ethical businesses like us wherever we can and work closely with makers to create our own products. Most of what you see on our website comes from female-owned brands, all with a similar ethos to us.

planting trees

We plant a tree for every order - that's 4,225 so far which is equivalent to 8.4 square kilometres reforested. All our trees are native and planted in protected ground, planted in partnership with Treeapp.