Affirmation toothbrush

Affirmation toothbrush

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Mindfulness is a habit, but it's often not so ingrained as brushing your teeth! Our affirmation toothbrush is a helpful link between an everyday habit and a helpful prompt.

Choose the word that speaks to you and where your focus is right now. It comes engraved on the handle with a symbol to make it easier to tell family toothbrushes apart.

The affirmations you can choose from are Trust, Breathe, Dream, Grow, Believe and Pause.

The bristles on these toothbrushes are soft, as recommended by dentists.

Our toothbrushes are as eco-friendly as we can make them. They're made from Moso bamboo which grows naturally in China with no need for pesticides. The bristles are 20% activated charcoal, 80% DuPont nylon.

When your toothbrush is worn out, I recommend using it for cleaning about the house. After that, you can pluck the bristles out with pliers or snap the head off and compost the handle. There's no entirely biodegradable alternative to toothbrush bristles yet, but we're on the lookout for it.

Our affirmation toothbrushes are made in Henan in a factory specialising in eco-friendly products.

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