Patchouli, black pepper & vanilla candle

Patchouli, black pepper & vanilla candle
Patchouli, black pepper & vanilla candle
Patchouli candle being lit with match
Smoky patchouli coconut soy candle

Patchouli, black pepper & vanilla candle

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Ground into your space with the earthy spice of our Patchouli, Black Pepper & Vanilla Candle. Crafted with care and a commitment to nature, this candle has a scent of soft fruits, smoky wood and libraries with spiral staircases.

When you light our candle, you'll first breathe in the spicy warmth of pepper, saffron and nutmeg. Meanwhile, a fruity, resinous aroma unfolds with apricot, ciste labdanum and creamy osmanthus. Lastly, you'll be left with the lingering sweetness of peach and vanilla, balanced with earthy patchouli and oud.

We hand-pour each Patchouli, Black Pepper & Vanilla Candle in our Cardiff workshop. We've chosen a soy and coconut wax blend for this candle. Moreover, our supplier has sourced this with a commitment to protecting sensitive environments and ending deforestation.

Our patchouli candles contain no parabens or phthalates and are vegan friendly.

Illustrated by us and crafted with care, our vegan-friendly patchouli candle is sure to bring a feeling of warmth and relaxation to your home. Light it to embrace that autumn feeling and for an earthy, hygge aroma to fill your favourite space. In short, if you love woods, dark and smoky scents, with a hint of sweetness, this candle is for you.

  • Net weight: 100g
  • Burn Time: 27 hours
  • Packaging: Illustrated rose gold tin

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