Rose & sandalwood coconut rapeseed candle

Rose & sandalwood coconut rapeseed candle
Rose & sandalwood candle
Sandalwood & Rose Candle
Rose Candle

Rose & sandalwood coconut rapeseed candle

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Revisit the romance of classic rose with a hint of spice in our Rose & Sandalwood Coconut Rapeseed Candle. This is a candle with a floral heart, framed in sweet fruits and warming woods. We've created this candle with care for the environment, using a sustainable blend of coconut and rapeseed wax.

At first inhalation, this candle is fruity with sweet notes of blackcurrant and plum balanced by the warm tang of mandarin. After that comes a bouquet of rose, carnation, lily and geranium. Last are smooth sandalwood and cedarwood with the final warmth of amber.

We created our Rose & Sandalwood candles because, every time we asked for your favourite scents, both were high on the list! Rose essential oil has a very low yield to the amount of flowers used. Likewise, sandalwood essential oil isn't sustainable unless sourced from Australia. By choosing fragrance oil, we can therefore offer you these two beloved scents with a lower environmental impact (read more on fragrance oils below).

How is rapeseed & coconut wax sustainable?

We pour our Rose & Sandalwood Coconut Rapeseed Candle in Cardiff. It's our first candle using a rapeseed and coconut wax blend. This is the best vegan and sustainable choice we've found.

The rapeseed for our wax is grown in Europe. Our supplier sources coconuts from family farms in the Philippines and Indonesia. In addition, the farmers have access to training in sustainable coconut farming practices. For example, no forest may be cut down for the planting of coconut trees. 

Our rose candles contain no parabens or phthalates and are vegan friendly.

We make our candles with love and have illustrated the labels with roses and sandalwood pods. If you're the kind of person who will pause to smell a fresh rose and pick out the many notes within, this is a candle to treasure.

  • Net weight: 100g
  • Burn Time: 24 hours
  • Packaging: Illustrated rose gold tin

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