Authentic House lucky dip

Authentic House lucky dip

Authentic House lucky dip

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Our lucky dip is for anyone who loves a surprise, can't choose or enjoys the odd parcel in the post. Try this if you'd like any eco swap from our shop, and don't mind exactly what it is!

All you need to do is choose the value you'd like and let us know any themes you'd be happy with. We'll send you one or more surprise products worth at least the value of your lucky dip.

This lucky dip is an idea from Mal, one of our long-time customers. We hope you enjoy it!

Please remember only to choose a lucky dip if you want a surprise. Items received as part of your lucky dip can't be returned unless damaged. You can add a lucky dip to any order, or choose this by itself. If you have any allergies or products you don't want, our lucky dip probably isn't for you. Feel free to get in touch below if you'd like any help choosing eco swaps.

Products you might receive in your lucky dip include any product on our website and won't necessarily be the ones in this photo.

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