Comfortable and stylish eco-friendly period underwear
Comfortable and stylish eco-friendly period underwear
Women wearing sustainable period underwear with a confident smile, promoting leak-free protection
Comfortable and stylish eco-friendly period underwear
Comfortable and stylish eco-friendly period underwear
Comfortable and stylish eco-friendly period underwear in black

Period underwear - XXL

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Our eco-friendly period underwear is designed to give you comfort, convenience, and sustainability during your time of the month. Say goodbye to disposable products and embrace a fuss-free, eco-friendly alternative that looks and feels just like your favourite pair of undies.

Our period underwear can hold 1-2 tampons' worth of flow, providing 8-12 hours of protection, depending on your needs. Pair them with a period cup for extra security and peace of mind.

How to Use and Care for Your Period Underwear

Transitioning to period underwear is a breeze. Wear yours day or night, just as you would with regular underwear. When it's time to change, simply rinse your underwear in cold water until the water runs clear. Machine wash on a cold (30°) setting or hand wash with a gentle detergent. Avoid tumble drying and fabric softeners, as these can damage the absorbency.

As you become familiar with your period underwear, you'll learn when it's time for a change – whether by noticing blood at the seams or feeling dampness. Remember, each pair can hold up to 10ml of blood, so their longevity depends on your flow.

Innovative Design for Optimum Performance

Our period underwear features four layers of carefully chosen materials to ensure maximum absorbency, dryness, and leak prevention. We've prioritised eco-friendly options, minimising reliance on fossil fuels:

  • Polyester: Essential for leak-free performance.
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell: A sustainable, cotton-like material derived from responsibly sourced wood, using a closed-loop system that eliminates waste. This lyocell consumes less water during production than conventional alternatives.
  • VEOCEL™ Specialty Viscose: Boasting the EU Ecolabel for environmental excellence, this fabric generates 50% lower emissions and water usage than traditional viscose.

Ethically and Sustainably Made for the Eco-Conscious People with Periods

Our period underwear is thoughtfully designed in Denmark and ethically produced in Sri Lanka at a factory that adheres to the Ethical Trading Initiative. This ensures workers receive a living wage, enjoy safe conditions, and have the right to form trade unions.

We stand by the quality of our product, offering a satisfaction guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with the performance, you can request a refund. This does not apply to size exchanges, so check your measurements before purchasing.

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