White ceramic soap dish
Geranium soap in stoneware soap dish

White ceramic soap dish

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Our White Ceramic Soap Dish is elegant, minimal and unique. Made by hand, for hands, these dishes each have a unique tactile shape. No two are quite the same.

We've carefully chosen a dish that will take care of your soap. You'll find those all-important drainage holes to prevent soggy bars. This dish perfectly fits our washing up bars and also fits our soap bars at a slant as pictured - which is even better for helping them dry!

Choosing a soap dish for your bathroom might seem pretty simple, but the right dish can improve your day in countless small ways.

Our White Ceramic Soap Dish comes in a beautiful speckled stone glaze to easily complement any colour scheme. Moreover, made by hand, each has a unique, rippling shape. This comes from the imprints of fingers in the making process which feel tactile under yours as you pick up the soap.

Moreover, in the palm of your hand this dish has a satisfying weight to it and a rough unglazed underside. Not only a handcrafted touch, it'll save you from worrying about your dish slipping off the side!

Handmade by Sally Walker, this White Ceramic Soap Dish is designed to last. Take care of yours, and it could be the only dish you need ever buy.

To store multiple bars, or for your shower, you might want to try our matching Ceramic Multiple Soap Dish.

  • Dimensions: Length - 10cm, Width: 8.3cm, Height: 2.5cm
  • Packaging: None

Meet the maker

Sally Walker making a soap dish
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