Echinacea wildflower pendant necklace

echinacea wildflower pendant necklace
Wildflower necklace echinacea
Echinacea wildflower pendant silver
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Echinacea wildflower pendant necklace

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Our echinacea wildflower pendant necklace makes an easy finishing touch to your outfit. You can also wear this necklace to set an intention. Echinacea flowers look like prickly daisies and symbolise strength and wellbeing.

Each echinacea wildflower pendant necklace is unique and stamped by hand from recycled silver clay. Helen from Tumble & Rose who is an artisan living in Southampton. It's a lasting charm necklace to treasure and pair with your outfits to make the everyday feel a little bit special.

If you're the kind of person that likes to name plants, learn about herbs or just loves flowers, our echinacea wildflower necklace might look beautiful on you. Our wildflower necklaces also make a great gift for gardening family members, friends with allotments or as a token of love and symbol of wellbeing for someone you care about who's been unwell.

Each necklace has a delicate wildflower pendant imprinted on recycled silver clay. Helen then outlines her hand-drawn echinacea design in black for visibility. The shape of each charm is slightly different as it's made when the echinacea design is stamped into it.

If you're planning a summer wedding, our echinacea wildflower pendant necklaces also make great bridesmaid favours for your closest friends to wear on the day. If you have 6 or more bridesmaids, get in touch using the 'ask a question' form below and we can give you a volume discount to help.

Echinacea wildflower pendant necklace details

  • Material : recycled sterling silver
  • Charm diameter: Approximately 1cm
  • Chain material: sterling silver
  • Chain length: 18 inches
  • Packaging: Cardboard mount and paper envelope
  • Weight: 9.07 g


We send our echinacea wildflower pendant necklaces in recycled kraft paper pouches, while the chain is protected with a cardboard mount and paper envelope. If you're adding bulkier items to your parcel, you'll receive it in a recycled cardboard mailer box with our signature tissue paper.

If you'd like to make this necklace an extra special gift, you'll also have the option to add our gift wrap at checkout. We can include a handwritten message in every order for free. Just write it into your 'order notes'.


Choosing a recycled silver wildflower necklace means you aren't supporting further mining which is harmful for the environment. Each necklace is handmade in the UK and comes entirely plastic free.

Why I love it

I've never managed to grow echinacea flowers (the slugs love them too!) That said, I love how this flower both looks like a child's drawing, and is much more too. It's great for wildlife and can be used in all kinds of herbal concoctions.

For me, the echinacea necklace is a lovely nod to the plants I love, and I'm a big fan of all things floral anyway!

How to clean your wildflower necklace

An easy way to refresh your echinacea necklace's shine is to put it in a bowl lined with tin foil. Pour over hot water and add a few spoons of bicarbonate of soda. Then wait a few seconds and remove your jewellery with a plastic or wooden spoon. It works like magic!

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